Get the results you want

By Turning people into High Performance Individuals

The Transformation

from Mediocre Individual

Personal Agility

to High Performance Individual

Personal Agility

Focus Areas


Understand the direction and how to achieve the goals.


Level up to a Relentless Improvement Mindset.


Establish systems to stay on track have consistency.


Master energy and be ready to reach new heights.


Efficiency and effectiveness that result in expected outcomes.

Meet the person
Tomislav Hren

Tomislav Hren is a strategic leader, a productivity and high performance consultant with more than two decades of experience in various corporate roles ranging from operations management, leadership, corporate digital strategy, and implementing large scale agile frameworks. He now focuses on helping corporate leaders and companies drive peak productivity, performance, and outcomes.

  “I’m excited to bring my extensive experience to the table, helping corporate leaders achieve their goals and maximize performance. With individually customized solutions, the goal is to empower individuals with the mindset, tools, strategies, and expertise they need to succeed.”

A Relentless Improvement Mindset “The RIM“, which means continuously striving to make things better, is at the core of its success. The approach is rooted in continuous growth, improvement, and increasing personal agility in every aspect possible. It helps individuals and businesses reach beyond their desired outcomes.

Hidden Costs of Mediocrity

Unproductive hours by
a mediocre individual

0 hours


Cost of an unproductive
mediocre individual

$ 0

(annual - avg. $35/hr)

Opportunities lost

- 0 hours


Every day you lose - !

Trusted by businesses across Industries



  • High Performance Individual 
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clarity on direction and goals
  • Enhanced personal agility
  • Enhanced decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Improved time management
  • Achieved next level of productivity
  • Greater communication skills
  • Implemented systems to become a High Performance Individual
  • Established a relentless improvement mindset


  • High Performance Teams made up of High Performance Individuals
  • Improved leadership skills and capabilities 
  • Increased team engagement, motivation, and productivity
  • Enhanced team agility
  • Enhanced team decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Increase team collaboration and communication
  • Clear path to high performance teams
  • Established a relentless improvement mindset

NEXT GEN organization

  • Next Gen Organization made up of High Performance Individuals
  • Increased organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved organizational agility and adaptability
  • Enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Greater alignment of organizational direction and goals
  • Increased innovation and creativity
  • Improved financial performance and profitability
  • Sustainable long-term growth
  • Future ready organization and culture
  • Established a relentless improvement mindset
What I bring to the table

20+ Years of experience

Adopting a relentless improvement mindset is the only key to success! – Tomislav Hren



My Specialties


Mastering your productivity and outcomes in every aspect is crucial. I teach you how you can achieve that.


Establish the right habits is non-negotiable today. I teach you how you build them and make them last.


It all starts with the mindset. I teach you how to level up to a Relentless Improvement Mindset "RIM".


How to over overcome procrastination is an essential skill and I have a framework to get you there.

Time & Energy Management

You are the master of your time and energy. Don't let time slip through your fingers. I will teach you how to get the most out of your time.

Change Management

Applying the right methods and managing the people side of change is essential. I'll guide you on implementing the right strategies will lead you to a sucessful future.


We are in the midst of a Digital revolution and the question is: "Do you want to benefit from it or fall behind and go extinct?"


Most projects are part of a larger and more complex system. Systems thinking and breaking down complex environment.

Next events

Coaching & Bootcamp



In this hands-on Productivity Bootcamp you will learn practical, realistic, and highly effective solutions for creating habits and systems, that will boost your productivity, without working harder.

Productivity Bootcamp

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You've got some more questions?
The answer might be in the section below or else just contact me directly.

We will get on an initial onboarding call where you will get the overview of the program and access to the members only area to keep track of your progress. Then we will immediately start with the program as time is of essence.

You will understand what it means to become a High Performance Individual. With a tailored approach we will look into your specific needs and create a step-by-step plan on how to get you and your team quit procrastination for good, build the right habits and master productivity. All to get you the results you’re looking for.

Yes there are various types of program available. It highly depends on what your goals are that you want to achieve. As part of the discovery call you will get a clearer picture of the programs on offer and which one suits you the most.

Yes, I offer my services to individuals, small, medium and large enterprises. Productivity and performance improvement on a larger scale equal even more of the results you want.

I offer both and it depends on my clients needs. Most of the time a face-to-face delivery of a specific topic is way more impactful than virtual only. However, as many companies have hybrid arrangements, we can also arrange a mix of virtual and onsite.

I created a framework that is customized for your individual and your business needs. It start with the foundation, covers mindset, discipline and various other topics. How deep into a subject we will go is depending on your individual case. There is no one-size fits all approach.

Yes, as soon as you’ll join my program you’ll get exclusive access to me via WhatsApp, mobile, and email. You can at any given point reach out to me and I’m happy to support and guide you.

Working with a high performance coach or consultant will help you to focus on what really matters to you. Every day you lose time, money and countless opportunities because your organization is not performing up to their mark. Turning the potential you have in your company into high performance will generate the results you’re looking for.

Your business might be in need of a coach for one part and a consultant for another part. The main difference is that when I’m helping you out as a coach I will actively coach you on how to become successful and build a better company. We will also work on improving you as a leader personally and professionally as personal growth will be a high focus point.

As your consultant, I will advise you on various topics. We will assess existing  processes and make use of best practices to improve your business. We will establish a step by step roadmap and start executing to reach your desired results.

Creating High Performance Individuals is and should be industry and business agnostic. The key is to get you the results you want for yourself and your business.

I specialize in establishing a relentless improvement mindset, building the right habits, managing time and mastering productivity.

I have a vast experience in working with large, global, multi-cultural, cross-functional, and complex organizations that are building outstanding products. I was responsible to implement state of the art development frameworks to increase speed to market, optimized existing solutions with best practices and coached multiple global teams to high performance. Imagine, when you combine this with a relentless improvement mindset and start getting the results and success you’re looking for.

Yes, I offer a free consultation call. The best options is to book a free consultation call where you will get to know me and quickly understand how I can help you and your business.

Click here

Simply said “the results you want”. During the initial phase of working together we will establish clear, defined and measureable outcomes that you want to achieve. Afterwards, we will start the journey to get there.

Every person and business is different. To cater for that I’m offering various types of engagement that go from a month-to-month, multiple months, or even long-term contracts. The goal is to create the results you want by becoming a High Performance Individual.

What My Clients Say

Tomislav taught me so many things and how crucial it is to have a real plan, how to structure my workdays and how to get things done faster.

Now I understand the real power of building high performance habits and being very efficient and productive with my time.

I have been able to increase my cold calls by 10x in 3-4 weeks only which resulted in boosting my business very much.

I honestly believe that every entrepreneur needs your support to overcome such obstacles I have faced myself.

Thank you Tomislav

Ralph Appel
CEO Optiimedia
CEO Optiimedia
I was facing various challenges, from juggling multiple tasks to struggling with prioritization, and as a result, our overall productivity was suffering.

Your guidance was truly remarkable. You took the time to understand our specific challenges and worked closely with me to develop tailored solutions.

With your expertise in productivity techniques you proved invaluable in reshaping how I manage my days. Running a business demands efficiency, and you showed me how to achieve that.

I've implemented the strategies within our office, ensuring that our entire team operates at peak productivity.

I have every confidence that our partnership with you will continue to yield outstanding results, and I look forward to our future collaborations.

Hasan Lazem
Managing Director
Managing Director
My name is Shahid Din and I am the CEO of a talent transformation consultancy called The Learning Initiative.

I decided to work with Tomislav after realizing I was taking on too much and feeling overwhelmed. We worked on the key elements that are required to sustain high performance as business owners.

I also improved my personal agility by focusing on value which allowed me to get the most for my business.

I feel more composed and in control of what I need to complete each day.

Thanks Tomislav

Shahid Din
CEO The Learning Initiative
CEO The Learning Initiative
i'm tomislav Hren

I’m on a mission to turn corporate leaders and professionals into 
High Performance Individuals.

I’m a firm believer of relentless improvement and convinced that getting
1% better every day is the only way forward to reach sustainable success in your professional and personal life.

Knowing how to establish the right mindset, setting clear directions and building a proven system to get the desired results are just a few of my key strengths.

Establishing meta habits and learning new things daily is fundamental when it comes to improving every aspect of my business, professional and personal life.

I know that success can only be achieved when you leave your comfort zone and adapt a Relentless Improvement Mindset “The RIM”.

I like to surround myself with people that I look up to, who inspire me, and from whom I can learn.

My goal is to enable you to get to the results you want and reach sustainable success in your business, professional and personal life.

Professional Growth

Growing professionally and to advance your career, it is necessary to improve your skillset. However, this is only one part of the equation. You need to consider many more areas and strategies if you want to reach your full potential. With over two decades of professional growth and experience I have established strategies that will lead you to success.

Team development and Business Optimization

Developing your team and optimizing your business should be the number one topic on the agenda. Understanding the what and the how is crucial to achieve productivity, high performance, and the desired outcomes. Implementing proven methods will give you the competitive advantage.

Organizational Transformation

Reshaping your organization, developing your workforce, changing processes, workflows, and company culture is a major undergoing and requires all key players to be involved. The “status quo” is not acceptable anymore and growth is the only way to succeed in the future. Your people and your business need a clear direction and goals to become more agile, adaptable, and highly effective in what they do. With my experience in large scale and complex digital transformations I can help you to get ahead.